Some Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Meditation is all about getting a healthy and positive perspective. You observe your thoughts and feelings without any judgment.

You may know that popular meditations share Buddhism roots. But, the new thing is that there are many different techniques of Buddhism meditation.

Isn’t it Interesting?

Buddhism offers different techniques to practice. By practicing them, you can achieve anything that you want. It may includes

  • every-lasting happiness
  • eliminating your anger
  • developing peace
  • cultivating compassion etc

So, here are some Buddhist techniques for you.

Buddhism Meditation Techniques 

When Buddhism spread out, it adopted some characteristics of the land. The forms of Buddhism arose from Budha’s insights. The insights were about

  • existence of nature
  • cause of suffering
  • cause of happiness
  • living a wholesome life

The most traditional meditation technique is the breathing procedure. It requires nothing but your concentration on breathing.

Now, almost the entire world practices these techniques. Mostly, the western world applies these techniques. So, let’s start the discussion.


It is the most well-known Buddhist technique or practice. It focuses on your calmness and clarity. This practice brings you inner peace. But, you should practice it with proper guidance.

Shamatha can lead you to a spiritual awakening. But only if it is combined with Vipassana.

Want to know more about it?

The basis of Shamatha is as follows. So, let’s discuss them.

Comfortable Meditation Posture

You must sit in a comfortable position. Your posture must be relaxing. It should not hurt your back or your knees. Keep your back straight and try to relax your self.

Breathe deeply and evenly. Don’t get stressed. Your body must feel comfortable while doing meditation. This is the most essential part of any Buddhist meditation.

Observe Your Breathe

Now, the next step is to focus on your breathing procedure. It will be better if you do abdominal breathing. Take deep and long in-breath and out-breath.

Try to focus that this procedure is giving you positive energy. Thus, you are throwing your stress away. You should have the potential of making friends.

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

Now, in this step, just acknowledge the thoughts that pop up in your mind. Let them come and let them go without judging them.

You can call it the “touch and go” procedure. Just let your thoughts come to your mind. Be gentle with them and just observe them. After that, just let them go.

2.Loving Kindness

This is another popular meditation Buddhist technique. There are further many techniques of this meditation. And, they all begin with the period of Shamatha. So that, your mind will be in a relaxing state.

When your mind is in a relaxing state, you express yourself. You show some love and affection to your loved ones. Either it is a person or a thing or an animal.

One of its techniques is describing as follows.


One of its techniques is the most popular. In this technique, you begin by making wishes and love kindness to yourself. Then you must open it.

When you open it, you then start to direct love kindness towards others. Then you will start to love someone you feel neutral about.

And after that, you will feel to loveth person you have problems with.

Isn’t it Interesting?

Now, in the end, you will feel love even for your enemy. Eventually, you feel love for every person. No matter what you think about them or how you felt about them.

This is the most beautiful form of meditation. It is all about just feeling the love and forgetting your all enemies and the problems.

This meditation requires time. And, after this meditation, you must sit in the quiet awareness. It is highly transformative.

3.Contemplative Meditation

This Contemplative Meditation can be joined into a practice session. One of the best Contemplation is “The Four Thought that transforms the Mind”.

The main purpose of this meditation is to give you a reason to sit and practice. So, now lets’s discuss these four thoughts.

Benefit Others

You must choose to devote your energy to develop your wisdom. Also, develop compassion and power. So that, you can benefit others.

There are many people or animals around you who do not have such possibilities. So, you can help or benefit them with your wisdom.

You must recognize the preciousness or importance of its opportunity.

Everything Changes

Everything changes. It means you don’t know how long your precious life will last. So, do you waste your time? Try to help others.

Bring some change. Create and spread positivity around you. Your entire existence is just depending on the in-breathe and out-breathe mechanisms.

Truth Of Independence

Now, you probably believe that everything that exists has a cause. So with the actions. Every action has its own consequences. This speaks to the truth of independence.

It means that your actions have much more impact than you can even imagine.

Precious Qualities

At the end, or at some point, you may think that everything is separating from you. Even the things you love unconditionally will get separated from you one day.

So, you must utilize your time in doing meditation So that you can develop the precious qualities. These qualities are wisdom, compassion, and spiritual skills.

You must think and accept that your meditation is helping you to reach this goal.

4- Guided Meditation

If you are a beginner and you are going to start your meditation. So, it will be better if you have some guided meditation. Because guidance is an essential part of any Buddhism technique.

If you are still not quite sure about it. There are Mindworks meditation centers for all levels of meditators. This meditation develops the most fundamental axis of your being.

Guidance is the most important part of anything you start. In the beginning, everyone needs some sort of guidance.

5- Walking Meditation

Not everyone is good at sitting for a long period of time. So, here is the walking meditation you can do. You can switch between sitting and walking meditation.

If you are doing one hour of sitting meditation. You can do 30 minutes of walking meditation. But, make sure you not only doing the walking meditation.

Isn’t it Interesting?

This meditation is designed only to compliment the sitting meditation. So that, you could switch in between them. And, you could maintain your concentration on the seated sessions.

This walking meditation plays an important role in our walk. It pays attention to the movement of your feet. Either you walk slowly, moves your feet back and forth, or in a small defined area.

Wrapping It All UP!!!

In the end, I hope that you got all the information that your need to know. Now, by reading this article, it is clear that you are interested in this.

However, it takes time and it will feel hard to do at the start. But, after one or two sessions. You will be enjoying these sessions. You will feel a positive and healthy perspective.

Above all, proper meditation will help you to bring a positive change in yourself. In addition, it is really very essential to rely on meditation.

But, these meditation methods should be clear and progressive. Also, they can be from some authentic guide.


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