Are Astronomy and Astrology two Different Notions?


If you are new to the terms “astronomy” and “astrology”. Then, probably these terms may confuse you. These two terms actually confuse almost everyone.

And, ask if these two terms are similar or different notions. So, these terms are totally different from each other.

Here, in this article, you will get to know all about astrology and astronomy. So, let’s start the discussion.

All you need to Know About Astrology

Astrology basically involves the forecasting of earthly events. Not just of earth, but the human events also. It happens all through interpretation and observations.

It involves the observation of fixed stars, the sun, and the moon. You can say that astrology is the science as opposed to the findings and theories of the Western World.

Isn’t it Interesting?

Some believe that there must be an understanding of stars and planets. Because it allows them to predict and affect. They can predict the destinies of nations, individuals, and groups.

And, they can also affect them.

1- Nature And Significance of Astrology

Astrology is all about predicting events based on assumptions. Planets and the stars determine or indicate changes in the sublunary world.

Astrologers presupposed a geocentric universe. And, planets, stars, and the moon revolve in orbit. And, the center of these orbits is near or at the center of the earth.

The stars are fixed in a sphere with a finite radius. and their center is also the center of the earth.

Want to know more about it?

According to Aristotelian physics, there is an absolute division. Division is between eternal, circular motion and limited linear motion.

These circular motions are of heavenly elements. And, the linear motions are of four sublunary elements.

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air

2- Significance of Astral Omens

Stars sometimes make a manifest view that is closet to the concept. That concept lies behind the Mesopotamian collections of celestial omens.

Its goal was to inform the royal court about disaster or success. It might take the form of an epidemic phenomenon. It may affect the entire humanity, animals, or plants population.

Want to know more about it?

Mostly, they involved the military affairs of the state. The omens provide the base for intelligent actions.

The celestial omen was in a position to advise his employers to avoid misfortunes.

3-Purpose Of Astrology

Coming forward, the basic purpose of astrology is to inform the individual. It provides him the information about his life based on the position of planets.

Genethliology is the form of science that developed the techniques of astrology. The main subdivisions of astrology are

  • general
  • cathartic
  • interrogatory

Now, let’s discuss these subdivisions of astrology.

General Astrology

It studies the relationship of the celestial moments to social groups, nations, etc.

These celestial moments can be the time of vernal equinoxes, recipes, etc.

Catarchic Astrology

It determines whether or not to choose a moment. And, if that moment is astrologically conducive. For the success of a course of action begun in it, it is necessary to determine.

Although, it allows the individuals to act at an astrological time. Thus, allows individuals to escape any failure.

Interrogatory Astrology

It answers all the queries of a client based on the situations of heavens. This service is even more deterministic than catarchic astrology.

It is also closer to the divination by omens.

All You Need to Know about Astronomy

Basically, astronomy is all about focusing on the observations of heavenly bodies. It concentrates on the behaviors properties and motion of the objects.

But, modern astrology may include many elements and characteristics. There are two fields of it

  1. Theoretical
  2. Observational

Astronomy is broken into many subfields. So that, scientists could specialize in some particular objects. Now, let’s discuss all these subfields of astronomy.

1- Palentary Astronomers

It involves the growth, death, and evolution of a planet. Some astronomers use the body of evidence about planets.

Basically, planetary science is a cross-discipline field that includes the aspects of astronomy. Also, includes the aspects of geology, atmospheric science, biology, and chemistry.

2- Steller Astronomers

They turn their eyes to the stars and black holes. Also, to the white dwarf, and supernova that survives the steller deaths.

Basically, steller astronomy focuses on the physical and chemical processes. And, all those physical and chemical processes occur in the universe.

3- Solar Astronomers

They spend their time in the analysis of a single start that is the sun. Mostly, the quantity and quality of light from the sun vary. It can be from milliseconds to billions of years.

These changes can help the scientist to figure out how the earth is affecting. The sun also helps to understand the working of other stars.

4- Galactic Astronomers

They study the galaxy and the milky way. On the other hand, extragalactic astronomers study how the collection of stars forms. Also, it’s changes and the death.

It is the establishment of patterns in the distribution, and composition. Also, the establishment of the physical condition of stars. And, gas traces the history of our evolving galaxy.

5- Cosmologists

They focus on the whole universe. Like, from its birth in the Big Bang to its present state. Also, focuses on its eventual death.

Basically, astronomy is often about a very concrete and observable thing. On the other hand, cosmology involves large-scale properties of the universe.

Also, it involves invisible, and sometimes theoretical things like string theory, etc.

6- Early Astronomers

They notice the patterns in the sky and try to recognize them. They try to recognize to track and predict their motion.

In the past, constellations help people to predict the seasons. They track the movement of stars and other heavenly bodies. It is prevalent in China, Egypt, Greece, and India, etc.

7- Astronomy Observers

They reply on the different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. They study the wide span of objects in the entire universe.

The first-ever telescope focus only on simple optical studies. It means the study of what could be seen with the snake’s eye. And, many telescopes continue that even today.

Difference between Astrology and Astronomy

Astronomy is all about everything that is outside the earth’s atmosphere. For example, planets, star sun, the moon, and the galaxies.

Also, it is about the relationships and properties of celestial bodies

Astrology is all about the belief and positioning of stars and planets that occur on the earth events. If you are interested in solar system or planet. And also in the other celestial objects.

So. Astrology and astronomy are two different notions.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Now, at the end of this article, I will say just don’t get too confused in between two. These two are two different notions. Astrology is about the whole solar system etc.

There are many forms of astrology as well as there are many forms of astrology. In addition, there is another form of energy. You can call it Iatromatemetics. There is also military astrology.

And, astronomy is all about the outside of earth. So, In the above article, I hope you get all the information about astronomy and astrology.



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